10 years of modular bathrooms

interpod prefabricated modular bathrooms

What we’ve learned from successfully delivering 15,000 modular bathrooms over the last decade.

At Interpod Offsite we have been designing and building prefabricated modular bathrooms for the last 10 years.

Earlier in 2018 we reached a milestone in our company history with the completion of our 15,000th modular bathroom, coming a decade since we made our first back in 2008. 15,000 modular bathrooms in 10 years. By the numbers, on average that roughly works out to be:

  • 1500 bathrooms every year.
  • 124 bathrooms every month.
  • 30 bathrooms every week.
  • 6 bathroomsevery day.
  • 1 bathroom every 90 business mins.

Commenting on the milestone, Interpod Offsite Projects Director James Monks said the achievement was testament to both the tireless effort of the Interpod team and the company’s unwavering commitment to its long-held core values.

“I am extremely proud of the team we have and the work we deliver,” Monks said. “This milestone was only possible because of the level of quality we consistently provide to our customers. We are excited about the next 5 years and delivering the next 15,000 Interpod modular bathrooms to our customers.”

Interpod modular bathrooms

Numbers that speak for themselves

Divide it up how you will, but the numbers speak for themselves. We are indeed proud of this milestone. But what we are even more proud of is the fact that we have achieved it without compromising on the quality and integrity of our product.
We are proud of the fact that all 15,000 of our modular bathrooms have been 100% Australian designed, 100% Australian Built by 100% Australian staff.

What we’ve learned

Here are three key things that we’ve learned from building and delivering 15,000 modular bathrooms over the last 10 years.

#1: Never compromise on quality

Quality is the key to success and longevity in business, and it is the one thing that simply cannot be compromised. When you compromise on quality for the sake of reducing production costs – whether it be by outsourcing production to an overseas-based third-party or by using inferior components – you lose sight of the big picture.
At Interpod, our prefabricated modular bathrooms are 100 per cent Australian designed and built at our facility on the NSW central coast using only sustainably sourced products and components. If quality was not our core value, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver 15,000 modular bathrooms over the last 10 years as the demand simply wouldn’t have been there.

#2: Streamline internal processes

Time is money in business. Over the years we have regularly reviewed our internal processes – from administration tasks to manufacturing and production practices – to find ways that we can tighten our timelines without sacrificing on the quality of our work.
Because of this, in 2018 we are now producing on average 20 modular bathrooms a day. And we have the capacity to scale up to 30 bathrooms and day if needed.

As a result of reviewing and streamlining our internal processes, we can now deliver prototypes within 8 weeks and the first complete delivery of Pods within 16 weeks of customers placing an order. This is the quickest turnaround time in the industry, and we are able to achieve it without sacrificing on quality.

#3: Learn from your customers

Over the last 10 years we have learnt from our customers and tweaked our products and services accordingly based on things that can make our customers’ lives easier.
An example of this is the on-site support that we now provide to all Interpod customers. We no longer simply deliver our completed prefabricated modular bathrooms to a customer’s building site. We are now able to fully install and test our product on site before handing it over as a ready to use product. This ensures that there are no gaps in scope that could surprise our clients.

Our on-site support service was created following feedback from our customers. Listening to that feedback and taking it on board has allowed us to improve our service.

Interpod Offsite is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of prefabricated bathroom pods for large commercial and residential construction projects. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your needs.