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Interpod CEO Update – Steve Monks

With a new year now in full swing, it is timely to reflect on Modular Bathroom Pod advancements in the construction industry and responses to confronting industry challenges.

At Interpod, we see modular construction methods being adopted across Australian & New Zealand more than ever before. Fuelled by strong investment opportunities in our capital cities and increased development growth, the industry is demanding innovative, trusted construction solutions that provide improved safety and quality along with delivering significant savings to the company bottom line; and bathroom pods are a viable response to this call.

Dodge Data & Analytics SmartMarket report supports modular innovation as a global demand:
Their summary states, “Critical trends in the construction industry, such as shorter project schedules and workforce shortages, are several drivers of wider use of these [prefabricated construction] methods”

Incorporation of bathroom pods in large scale projects is rapidly increasing and for good reason. Previously, the consistent focus on comparing bathroom to bathroom costs created an industry bottleneck, however proven modular bathroom pod concepts are now shifting the way organisations think. To rectify the long-standing variation in project cost analysis, we have increased our focus on educating all your stakeholders involved in the project process to ensure cost saving benefits of bathroom pods are understood.

As companies dive deep into their overall project profit, rather than just bathroom-to-bathroom comparisons, and deeper still into their company net profit analysis, they are openly acknowledging often-unaccounted bathroom pod benefits and similar prefabricated concepts as a positive saving that boosts their bottom line. Bathroom Pods minimise risk, reduced onsite trades, and offer faster project lead times.


Confirmed by Michelle Meisels, author of Deloitte’s 2020 Construction and Engineering Industry Outlook,
“Modularization and prefabrication not only can save on labor costs but shorten the project schedule with less labor required onsite,”.

The advantages go well beyond time saved, according to Nate Haack, senior director of equipment and supply chain management for Mortenson, including decreased waste, increased site safety, reduced congestion and being able to run parts of a project on multiple shifts a day.

Identifying cost savings in this manner takes modular bathroom components to an entirely new level. It is very satisfying to work with our clients in improving their overall business success with bathroom pods rather than operating solely in a project focused view.

We have proactively responded to industry demand for streamlined construction methods with the following:

  • 21,000 Pods. Supported by lean production methods, our active focus on advancing modular construction methods has increased our internal throughput from 3 bathrooms completed per day up to a proven 30 bathrooms with a total of 3 active production lines, over the last 10 years.
    Our streamlined manufacturing and fast pod-offline times means your modular bathrooms are delivered to site faster and the project is finished sooner.
    It’s fascinating to see our team working as one to streamline the industry.


  • Tapping into the New Zealand market is a significant milestone at Interpod. Rather than treading water, we are crossing it.
    Our bathroom pods set sail across the Tasman Sea last year, and will be connected in their large Auckland Student Accommodation project very soon.

A renown builder in New Zealand sings his praises, “Also congratulations on hitting the NZ market, we are hearing good things !!”

  • Streamlining the construction industry. Our past and current wins are not solely our own. We attribute our influence in the construction industry to the many persons we work with across Australian and New Zealand. We recognise the individuals who appreciate project certainty, nurture innovative construction methods and above all work with Interpod as the educated advisor to help them advance the industry with bathroom pods. Everyone has equally made our goal of ‘increasing certainty’ in the industry possible.

What’s ahead at Interpod this year:

  • 26,000 Pod Milestone
  • Incorporation of new manufacturing methods to streamline output even further
  • New Pod designs in response to industry demand
  • Introducing modular bathroom pod benefits to other industries


We welcome all discussions around how we can streamline your projects with bathroom pods.

You can contact us here to discuss your next project.


Steve Monks | Interpod CEO



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