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Celebrating a 10 year long-standing milestone of 23,000 Bathroom Pods completed across Australia & New Zealand, isn’t solely about the bathrooms Interpod has produced…

Bathroom Pods are not a solution on their own:

Interpod’s Bathroom Pod solution creates quantifiable value when utilised effectively in your development process – without effective integration and collaboration with between our team and yours, the full benefit to your net profit cannot be achieved.

We don’t muddy the water with a series of futuristic benefits (although benefits certainly can be experienced).

We prefer to partner with you directly to provide a service that is relevant and personalised to helping your organisation grow effectively.

Pods are the outcome of a doctor’s initial consultation:

Imagine those around-table discussions with a friend, where you both share ideas about what does and doesn’t work – the kind of conversation where you can put a $ figure on the risks by not choosing a certain path – that is the conversation we invite.
It works.

Almost like a doctor and patient scenario – we don’t feed you on a Pod solution, until the extent of your current pains are realised by yourself and our team. Together.

Now, we invite you to the table.

We’d love to see your development with a series of the next thousand Pods we are set to create.

View the 23,000 Pod post on LinkedIn, here.



Watch the video

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We celebrate the years of collaboration with clients.

Clients who have fueled our innovation.

Clients who have partnered with Interpod to build their organisation around our mutual intellect and support.

Years of learning.

Years of transforming the construction industry with a fast, quality-managed alternative to traditional methods.

Years of dedicated bathroom design knowledge.

We go as far as saying…

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