by | Aug 4, 2022 | Interpod Updates

Cheers to our team! Today has marked a significant milestone as we hit completion of our 31,000th bathroom pod.

Our clients and partners are also deserving of credit; without you we wouldn’t have the level of innovation and experience that we offer the construction industry today. 

Every bathroom, from 1 to 31,000 carries our one desire – to ensure your clients feel good. You start and end your day in a bathroom, so the experience should be enjoyable.

As leaders in modular bathroom construction for Australia & New Zealand project, clients are approaching us for support to complete their projects on time.

Onsite labour shortages cripple task completion which creates a domino effect across the entire wet area component of the onsite build. Finished bathroom quality in bathrooms that are build onsite are also impacted, as project managers are stretched thin trying to cover for trades who don’t show up onsite.

We’ve been pleased to play a significant role in streamlining projects by offering offsite bathroom construction.

The unique difference with Interpod bathroom pods, is the delivery of a fully completed unit to site. 

For assistance in delivering your projects with the smarter construction solution, we suggest you look at how bathroom pods stack up. You can contact our team here.

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