Modular bathroom construction is proven as the most efficient way to build bathroom designs in large-scale projects like residential buildings, hotels, student accommodation, and hospitals.

Modular bathroom construction is proven as the most efficient way to build bathroom designs in large-scale projects like residential buildings, hotels, student accommodation, and hospitals. When bathrooms are built offsite, developers or builders have certainty on lead times, enabling them to hit their scheduled targets and take the project to market sooner.

Are you ready to experience the net profit savings on your project by utilising modular construction methods?

Here are 4 key tips on preparing your project for modular bathroom integration:

1. Visit the factory

At the planning stage, it would benefit you to get to know your bathroom pod manufacturer’s processes and systems. Learn about their construction process, quality control procedures, and project management strategies. Take the time to tour around their factory while a project is ongoing so you can see firsthand how they carry out their procedures.

Of course, as your partners in your project, your bathroom pod manufacturer will be able to answer your questions and provide you with all the information that you might need in order to build a clear plan, schedule, and budget.

You can book an Interpod factory tour here.

2. Decide on modular construction early

It is important to ensure modular bathrooms are considered as part of the project at the planning stage, with pod production beginning a lot earlier than if bathrooms were being built onsite. Modular bathrooms have to be designed into the overall building design.

There should be prepared bathroom pod spaces, with plans around how they will be connected to the building’s main lines (the design and project team at the bathroom pod company will be able to assist you with service coordination.) Keep in mind that bathroom pods are not load bearing, so it is wise to ensure this is noted when preparing for the bathroom pod designs.

Pod installation must be considered when designing building ceiling heights and wall positions, as the pods will need to be manoeuvred through the building at a later stage. Consider services like air-conditioning ducts and pipework heights and locations when integrating bathroom pods into your design.

Modular bathroom construction is efficient way to build bathrooms, and it is most successful from a cost and time-saving perspective when the entire construction project is prepared for the pods and their installation.

3. Make sure your plan minimises variation

For maximum efficiency, your project will benefit from minimal variation in the pods’ design. Not only are exact-replica internal finishings easier to build, but they also make it easier for your manufacturer to source and price materials and check for quality after.

This isn’t to say that variations in design will delay your project – of course, minimal variations such as differences in size or left and right-hand versions can definitely be accommodated without sacrificing efficiency. However, keeping these to a minimum would be ideal for you, as this makes it even likelier that your project is completed below overall building budget.

4. Prepare to select finishes and fixtures early.

Many builders prove the benefit of early fixtures selection as it takes a large component of hassle out of the build very early on.

To accommodate maximum cost savings, bathroom pod suppliers will need to organise material supply often before any other finishes are finalised.

Many bathroom pod suppliers will hold similar fixtures to your initial specifications which are often a better choice in terms of longer warranty and guaranteed supply.

Taking wet area finishes offsite also minimises onsite quality control checks, streamlining the work of an onsite project manager.

Using Interpod bathrooms accelerated the program because you have to select all the fittings and tiles prior to pouring in the first bit of concrete. It makes everybody think about the finish of the project before it even starts – that in itself is a large time saver.”

Gary Cory | Crown Group International.

Choose modular bathroom construction with Interpod

As your trusted modular bathroom construction specialists, the team at Interpod are prepared to work closely with you as you plan your build around modular bathroom construction. From coming up with a well-thought-out design to preparing your strategies for the installation process, we’re with you every step of the way.

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