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Bathroom Pods are becoming more widely used in Australia, but there are still greater benefits to be yielded from this modular method than most people really understand.

Here are our top 5 suggestions to design, develop and deliver a project that benefits your bottom-line:

1. Seek Expert Advice – we understand project complexities and since each project is different, there is probably nothing we haven’t seen before. Our in-house engineering team can provide CAD drawings for inserting into Architectural designs to streamline the design process.

2. Design for repeatability – remember occupants in each room will have no idea the neighbouring bathroom looks the same. The less types you have in a project, the faster the bathrooms can be completed, and therefore the faster you can complete your building.

3. Visit the Pod manufacturing facility before investing – assumptions don’t do justice

4. Involve all parties in initial discussions to save time, ensure questions are addressed and details are accurate.

5. Identify hidden costs when making an analysis. Often, traditional build estimates do not include applicable site costs. Let us demonstrate the true cost of bathrooms onsite.


Bathroom Pods vs Traditional Bathroom considerations:

  • bathroom pods have very litte onsite waste – all waste is disposed of throughout the manufacturing stages in the offsite facility
  • Bathroom pods are also designed smart (one crane lift and it’s in, rather than a tiler walking up and down floors for breaks or materials), sustainably (minimising waste onsite) and efficiently (utilising multiple trades in one space, Interpod reduces time wastage with maximum communication and dedicated skill-sets)
  • no need for onsite project management (over the course of each project, pods could replace x1 Project Manager which is a minimum saving of approx. $205,000 annually)
  • pods can be manufactured ahead time and are then placed into storage and delivered according to the build schedule.
  • Pods are time-managed (each part of the manufacturing process works to a deadline – visit our factory to view production line dashboards in action), exceed Australian standards, work to an agreed prototype design and are quality inspected before delivery.

To learn more about design, offsite modular methods and bathroom pods – you can Book a Tour at our Pod Manufacturing Facility.



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