World Class Manufacturing

At Interpod we understand the benefits of World Class manufacturing in the key areas of our business

  • Top management
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Suppliers

Very smooth functioning of our company, involves minimum intervention of the valuable time of Top Management, leaving them free to plan for future growth.

Our Customers are assured of receiving bathroom pods, completed to the highest quality and delivered on the promised date.

Job satisfaction ensures we have high workforce retention, as our Employees are motivated, efficient and well trained.

Working closely with Suppliers to streamline their manufacturing processors, deliveries and payment terms, we are assured of the best supply chain in the industry.


At Interpod we have embraced the principle of Lean Manufacturing, which has made many good companies become great. We all think Lean, right from the assembly line in the factory, through the offices and up to management.

At the time of Design our engineers look at ways to create a bathroom pod that is Flexible for both production and installation. We will make recommendations on maximum sizes, heights and specifications. Our hands on site experience, ensures that we have the knowledge which will save our customers time and money even after delivery. We are not afraid to make Modifications which will prevent rework and Waste on site.

We partner with our suppliers to manufacture purpose made Kanban Trollies which can be used to stack product at the point of manufacture, transport from our suppliers to Interpod and then move through the quality checks of our stores directly into the production line. Handling is reduced to the absolute minimum to save time and production delays.

The KanBan system is continually updated by an online automated IT system in the purchasing office. Supply requests take into account supplier production capability, transport requirements, and the factory build program. By bringing these all together deliveries are scheduled for Just In Time and draw down schedules issued throughout the day. Our Inventory is kept low to reduce wasted space and prevent unnecessary stock tying up the company cash reserves.

Production of Bathroom pods happens in a continuous Flow Line at the factory. The flow line is programed to move throughout the day at set times. Our supervisors are on hand to meet any challenges that may threaten the production line from moving forward. Should an issue arise that cannot be fixed before the line moves our supervisors have the authority to hold the production until resolved. A Non- Conformance Report will be raised and production managers will be in attendance until resolved.

Quality Inspections happen at designated points on the line or Cells. By checking quality throughout production the bathroom pod will exit the production line fully complete with Zero Defects.

A further advantage of our flow line production is the ability to build smaller Lot Sizes without any reduction in through put. Our employees are Multi-Skilled and adaptable to change. Work Stations can be quickly altered to accommodate a new style of pod. Work areas remain uncluttered and because the parts are brought to the work area, any changes in pod sizes, configuration or specification are virtually seamless.

DIFOT – Delivered In Full On Time is a key performance indicator at Interpod . It is the standard against which our World Class Manufacturing is measured. Our judges are our customers. The highest stamp of approval they can award to us, is to place another order. We very proudly admit this has been the case on many occasions.