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Bathroom Pods are a highly feasible solution in response to new build-to-rent trends across Australia and New Zealand.

The shift in current economic conditions has called for fast, cost-effective construction methods that maintain national growth whilst creating sustainable living for ‘cash-strapped’  tenants.

Bathroom Pods, seeing value beyond the balance sheet:

The speed and guaranteed output times of Bathroom Pods tick the boxes on all sides of the stakeholder equation.

  • For builders, Bathroom Pods are a faster option compared to traditional, onsite methods enabling quicker project handover, with mitigated risk.
  • For developers, the bathroom longevity achieved from strict quality control, provides long-term asset value.
  • For the tenant, the cost-savings from Bathroom pods can be passed down to their tenancy package.

Why the shift?

New South Wales will be the first state to fund a dedicated build-to-rent model, Minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward, revealed last week. Other states are following suit.

As home ownership rates continue to plunge, Australia’s build-to-rent model has become increasingly viable for many developers, builders and end-users.

A fast, long-term solution to immediate demand:

Interpod bathroom pods are the ideal solution for this evolving sector.

Streamlined & cost-effective, bathroom pods meet the Build-to-Rent scope in all aspects.

Contact our team to discuss the possibilities of Bathroom Pods.

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