The humble bathroom pod has come a long way since its inception.

No longer considered just a cheap, unstylish or last-minute option, modular bathroom pods are fast becoming the go-to solution for large-scale construction projects.

The reason? They save you time, money and effort, and all while improving on quality and consistency. In the highly competitive world of residential and commercial building, they could be the difference between winning and losing a client.

Read on as we explain the top four benefits of building pod bathrooms…

1. More Time, Fewer Delays

Prefabricated bathroom pods save you time

One of the most important things prefab bathrooms will do is cut down your overall construction time.

On an average multi-level building site, bathroom work can take up to 25 days and involve up to 15 different tradespeople. You must also contend with unpredictable weather conditions and material and labour shortages.

Making prefabricated bathrooms from scratch in a factory setting, however, will significantly reduce the time you have to spend on the build. Sometimes by as much as 50%.

On-site work is unencumbered, giving you more time to focus on completing other critical sections of the project. Self-contained bathroom pods are built at the same time as the rest of the site, so there are no delays.

Prefabricated bathroom pods are delivered on schedule and are quick to transport and connect, too. A full bathroom installation can be done in as little as two hours!

2. Low Risk, High Standards

Bathroom modules are top-quality

As mentioned, another advantage of pods is the quality control.

Bathroom pods built in a factory environment are subject to the same standards as if they were built in situ.

They are constantly monitored for compliance during every step of the construction process and follow strict quality management systems (QMS) to ensure all Interpod bathroom pods are of the highest consistency.

Just one company takes care of everything when it comes to planning bathroom modules too, and on-site managers, engineers and builders are involved in the project from the early stages. The risk of going off budget or going off track is therefore very low.

3. Minimal Effort, Maximum Efficiency

Self-contained bathroom units are efficient

Did you know that factory builds are up to 250% more efficient than on-site builds?

In the construction industry, it’s a constant challenge to keep projects running smoothly, so it’s no surprise self-contained bathroom units have become so appealing.

Here at Interpod, we are the single point of contact, and many years in the modular construction industry have resulted in our very streamlined and optimised process.

This is also a smart solution to the current labour shortage, too. Having a dedicated team work on your bathroom eliminates the hassle of awarding and administrating multiple subcontracts to achieve the same result.

4. Less Waste, More Space

Toilet and shower pods are sustainable

When you make modular bathroom units, you’re also working towards a more practical and sustainable business model.

The amount of waste produced on a construction site (material, plumbing and electrical etc) is often very high. Typically over 7%! A prefab bathroom pod manufacturer works in a factory, and the waste produced is usually less than 1.5%. It’s also much easier to practice recycling in a factory by collecting excess materials, offcuts and broken or defective parts.

Traditionally, on-site bathrooms are pretty confined spaces and high-traffic areas too. Therefore, there is always the risk of damage or injury. It’s also a difficult environment to store and install all the extra equipment you’d need, such as lifts, faucets, baths, showers, vanity units, tiles etc, as well as the various vehicles needed to bring them in.

A bathroom pod is brought in fully fitted and ready to go, so nothing and no one can get in the way.

Witness our lean manufacturing principles, sustainable building practices, and strict quality control measures for yourself. Book a tour for your team here.

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