Your Design Choice

We custom-build our bathrooms to order, to meet the unique requirements of architects, developers, designers and builders.

At Interpod, we’re committed to flexibility and innovation. Our pods aren’t bound by design limitations – we work closely with you to produce a high quality solution with the same bespoke look and feel as a premium on-site construction.

You can either present us with your architect’s plans, and we’ll get straight to work, or you can work together with our design team to come up with a bathroom design that suits your exact requirements. Either way, you have the freedom to select virtually any colour scheme, fitting and finish you want. We can work with irregular shapes, large bathrooms, attached laundries, tiles, vinyl – almost anything that can be specified in a standard build.

Interpod bathrooms are manufactured to conform to virtually any layout, and the low profile floor design means you can have a level entry without changing standard bathroom slab recesses. This approach leads to superior accuracy in layout and installation of fittings, due to our stringent factory supervision and quality control. To ensure the design of your bathroom pod meets your expectations prior to final construction, we can produce a one-off prototype, which can then be further modified until a wholly satisfactory design is achieved.

Considering the individual characteristics of each project will ultimately require consideration of whether a standard Interpod bathroom design is the best alternative, or whether the project could be better benefited by the ability to customise the design of its bathrooms.

Interpod standardised bathroom designs fulfil an extensive range of needs for nearly every sector including hotels, student accommodation, multi-dwelling housing and aged care facilities.

By utilising the well-proven designs of the Interpod standard range, a project can also capitalise on the significant cost-savings and time efficiencies that repetition in the modular production process can offer.

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