Guarantee Quality

Traditional constructed bathrooms account for over 80% of construction related defects. Who needs that?

The very nature of building bathrooms onsite makes producing consistent, high quality work extremely difficult.

The combination of adverse site conditions, delays, potentially substandard workmanship and lack of effective monitoring systems create an environment in which mistakes can be made easily.

Interpod bathrooms are built on a production line, leading to a standardised outcome across the entire project, adhering to our strict ISO9001 quality standards. Every pod undergoes stringent individual testing and is not released from the factory until it is verified as defect free. When the pod is ready for delivery, it is locked and packaged in an industrial-grade sheath to protect it from the elements and onsite damage. Any damage incurred during transport is covered by Interpod. The final result is a premium quality bathroom pod, ready to go and free of site-caused damage or manufacturing faults.