Save Cost Through Saving Time

On a direct cost basis, Interpod bathrooms are comparable to traditionally built bathrooms; however, speeding up construction time and reducing the need for onsite materials and resources leads to substantial cost savings.

Loan Interest Savings

Many apartments in multi-residential developments are sold off the floor plan, with only a small percentage of the sale price going to the developer before the building is completed. The balance of this amount can cost up to 8% per annum in either interest on loans or loss of interest if the funds were invested elsewhere.

Example: A 90 unit apartment building takes 52 weeks to build and is projected to generate revenue of $20 million. 75% of these units are sold off the floor plan with a 5% deposit – the balance is $14.25 million. This can cost $22,000/week in loan interest (based on an 8% interest rate).

If Interpod bathrooms are introduced into the schedule, the build time is cut by at least 20% or 10 weeks. The total saving on your loan interest? $220,000.

Operating Revenue

Mainly applicable to Hotels, where there is a daily income beginning as soon as the building can be occupied.

Example: a new 110 room, four-star beachfront hotel in Sydney has set its rate at $350/night. There is a shortage of accommodation in the area, so if the hotel was fully occupied, every week the hotel spends in construction is costing up to $269,500.

Interpod bathrooms could cut at least 20% off the build time. Based on an estimate of 75% – 80% occupancy from opening, this is over $2,000,000 in increased revenue.

Site Costs

For a building comprised of 100 units, developers generally allow around $35,000/week in site costs and preliminaries, so in the examples above an additional cost saving of up to $350,000 could be achieved.

On-going Costs

We offer superior quality and standardised maintenance to ensure ongoing costs are kept to a minimum. Interpod bathroom pods are also backed by a seven-year warranty, which covers all maintenance issues aside from misuse, and usual wear and tear.