Why choosing Interpod means choosing to reduce risks


A look at why locally manufactured pre-fabricated bathrooms are a less risky investment for builders and construction companies.

Offshore manufacturing remains a popular choice for many Australian businesses, for obvious upfront cost perceptions. Popular offshore manufacturing locations such as China and south east Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand have come a long way in terms of quality control and quality of work over the last two decades.
That notwithstanding, offshore manufacturing still carries an inherent level of risk – risk that is inevitable when outsourcing production to a third-party outside of Australia. If you aren’t overseeing the daily manufacturing in person, how can you control the quality and how can you confidently meet Australian building standards?

That is why a number of leading Australian companies in the building and construction industry choose to keep their manufacturing close to home, not just in Australia but also in-house. After all, quality control is easiest to achieve when production is kept in country and in-house.

Made in Australia, by Australians, to Australian standards

At Interpod Offsite, our modular bathrooms are 100 per cent designed and manufactured in Australia at our state of the art, 10,000sqm production facility in Lisarow, NSW. This allows us to avoid the potential for risk that hangs over the head of all outsourced offshore manufacturing.

We have been designing and building high quality prefabricated bathroom pods longer than anyone else in Australia and have more than 25 years’ experience in complying with Australian building standards.

We have seen first-hand that the best way to achieve quality control is by in-house manufacturing and assembling. As such, all key components of our bathrooms, from bases to frames to doors, are manufactured and assembled in-house. Our production team comprises qualified and highly skilled Australian tradespeople who are driven to producing 100 per cent defect-free prefabricated bathrooms.

When our product is delivered to the client, the client knows they are receiving a defect-free solution that has been produced precisely to the required specifications. And it’s not just how we manufacture our products; it’s also the quality of materials that we use.

“At Interpod, quality is a non-negotiable,” explains Interpod Offsite Projects Director James Monks. “Our company values insist on stringent quality control and our drive for nothing less than the best quality on the market informs our entire production process.”

Quality assurance to ISO standards

Our manufacturing process is informed by a strict quality management system that ensures our customers receive nothing but the highest quality of product.

Our determination to deliver the best quality in the market has driven us to gain certification to the relevant standards laid out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In some instances we were the first Australian company to offer these ISO certifications in the modular bathroom sector.

The ISO certifications that we adhere to include:

Quality without compromise

The Australian building and construction industry is growing at a rate of knots, and that increased demand has led to a rising interest in prefabricated bathrooms. Prefabricated components allow construction companies to realise new efficiencies in time and cost, but those benefits can be undone if quality control isn’t the key priority.

In manufacturing, when corners are cut for the sake of saving on the cost of production, quality invariably is at risk of being compromised. When you choose Interpod Offsite for your prefabricated bathroom needs, you are choosing to reduce risk by choosing Australian made, by Australians to Australian standards.

Interpod Offsite boasts more than 25 years’ experience in modular building and pioneered bathroom pod manufacturing in Australia. We are Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of prefabricated bathroom pods for large commercial and residential construction projects. We are the only prefabricated bathroom manufacturer in Australia whose GRC bases, wall framing, doors and door frames are manufactured in Australia using only locally sourced materials. Find out more about Interpod , or contact us now to find out how we can help you with your needs.