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Interpod’s completed bathroom pod project portfolio now stretches across majority of Australian states and has recently crossed into Auckland. Not only are we delivering certainty, our clients are proving it. (VIEW OUR COMPLETED PROJECT CASE STUDIES here)

Partnering with Developers and Builders, along with educating Architects on bathroom pod design efficiencies, we are honoured to reflect on our involvement with so many construction ventures.

Below is a live map showing each of our completed projects:

TIP: (hover over map & scroll out to view all states + click on icons to view project details)
Projects feature a range of sectors including Hotels, Apartments, Student Accommodation and Aged Care.

New South Wales = Green

Victoria = Blue

Queensland = Purple

South Australia = Orange

Tasmania = Yellow

New Zealand = Brown

Since our establishment over 10 years ago, we have identified positive changes in perception towards modular construction. As a result, the market is now reaping benefits of efficiency, innovation and certainty by selecting modular bathrooms as a significantly de-risked, quality managed element in large-scale projects.

Australian construction industry is rapidly evolving, predominately across Australia’s Eastern Seaboard. Despite a shift in growth from apartments to other sectors, the focus on maximising overall cost savings and reducing lead times to gain quicker return on investment remains strong.

Forecasts for 2023/2024 boom show residential apartments are set to increase. Coupled by the current boom in other sectors such as hospitals, hotels and co-living developments we no doubt see modular bathrooms fulfilling a part of our city skylines for the next few years.


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