An alternative to COVID-19 onsite budget cuts & social distancing

The world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us each of us differently. Money, Employment, Uncertainty. You aren’t alone.

It is fair to say the construction industry is feeling its share of restrictions both onsite and in the months that follow this pandemic.

Not only are COVID-19 restrictions a question of “how do we manage”; it’s “how long will it last”?

Right now, articles tell us “while construction sites are set to remain open across the country, a potential shutdown in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 could trigger rifts between contractors, clients and banks looking to cover costs of projects that aren’t completed on time”.

We want to educate you on alternatives.

One of the key challenges is maintaining social distancing onsite, and having ample budget to fund the multiple trades onsite everyday. For builders and developers out there – it is tough.

Consider this comparison:

Download the above Bathroom Pod vs Onsite Comparison Document here.
Workplace injury source, mentioned above can be found here.

The 1.5m social distancing regulation is consideration most haven’t made on their Project Estimate Sheet – but it can certainly cause huge cost blow-outs when not accounted for.

Not only does onsite social distancing impact build time, it exposes trades to potential illness which is another cost to consider in a Sick Leave payout.

So, how do Bathroom Pods really assist your budget? When you consider a Bathroom pod it is important to look at the hidden things that have a greater impact to your bottom line.

It’s the small things that become big things, as you’ll see in the info-graphic above.

When budget and time are at stake, we suggest you re-visit your calculations and ensure all uncertainties and increases are allowed for.


Our team would love to continue the conversation to assess whether or not Pods may be beneficial for you long-term.

We invite you to review our Value analysis to see how the figures stack up.

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(analysis above has been gathered from x3 building firms in Australia over the last month)


Goods Lift allowances for Bathroom Pods: