Efficiency without compromise in modular bathrooms


At Interpod, we are pleased to be Australia’s industry leader in prefabricated modular bathrooms with a product that is made in Australia, by Australians and to Australian standards.

We ensure that the way we run our company and the way we produce our product enables our customers to realise legitimate savings in both cost and time. We do this by offering an efficiency-focused end to end service model that:

  • Enables us to produce modular bathrooms quicker than anyone else (without compromising on our industry-leading quality control);
  • Allows us to offer by far the quickest on-site crane time of any prefabricated modular bathroom supplier; and
  • Gives us the ability to have our staff on the building site to install and test our modular bathrooms.


Rapid prototyping

It all starts with our rapid prototyping. When a property developer or a construction company engages Interpod for their prefabricated modular bathroom needs, the first thing we do is sit them down with one of our architects to design the bathroom (or bathrooms) that will feature in their new project. Critically, we ensure this is a close collaboration with the client to ensure that our architects design the best, most relevant and most functional bathrooms to suit the client’s specific requirements.


Once the client signs off on the design and places their order, our team goes to work and will produce a working prototype bathroom within 8-10 weeks of the order being placed. The timeframe for our prototype delivery is 20% to 30% quicker than other modular bathroom suppliers – a feat we accomplish while adhering to our zero defects policy. From architectural drawings through the production process, our modular bathrooms are designed and built to last.

Cracking crane time

After delivering the prototype and prior to starting full production, we sit down with our client to determine the most efficient order in which to produce their modular bathrooms. This is informed by the particulars of each project, but is always guided by efficiency. We build your bathrooms in line with how you are building your building. This allows us to deliver your modular bathrooms to the building site as the site is ready to receive them.


Once on site, we get your bathrooms to their specific installation location quicker than any other modular bathroom supplier. Our crane time of three minutes cycle time per bathroom is industry leading and has been measured as being 10 to 15 times quicker than the industry average. This is critically important for managing your crane hire costs and helps ensure that your project isn’t leaking costs where it could be making substantial savings.

On site support

The final phase of our efficiency-focused end to end service model is our on-site support service. Created after early feedback from clients, our on-site support service ensures that there are no gaps in scope for our clients. We don’t simply deliver our prefabricated modular bathrooms to your site and walk away. We install and test each pod on site and only hand them over as finished, installed products once we are completely satisfied with our work.

The whole process is governed by the Interpod Quality Assurance System, which starts with procurement and ends when our modular bathrooms are installed on site and signed off by the client. It covers the entire product journey and gives full, end to end traceability and accountability over the modular bathrooms we produce. This completes our efficiency-focused end to end service model and enables us to deliver efficiency without compromise.


Interpod is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of prefabricated modular bathroom pods. We are the only modular bathroom manufacturer in Australia that assembles, builds and delivers a 100% Australian built product for large commercial and residential construction projects. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your needs.