As onsite project and design complexities increase, the increasing need for consistency becomes evident.

Recent fast-tracked developments have put added strain on developers and builders to complete projects faster, whilst high quality deliverable expectations still remain.

The problem with onsite inconsistencies:

At Interpod, we have evidenced the increasing need for onsite consistency, and in response have taken difficult works offsite and incorporated them into our stringent manufacturing process.

Service locations and wall frame positions are a common onsite problem.

Service holes in incorrect positions often cause copious rework that can easily be avoided with offsite engineering processes.

In-house designers at Interpod ensure bathroom wall frames have service locations marked prior to the wall frames being fabricated in-house.

The below video explains how our wall framing process works:


Why manufacture rather than import?

Manufacturing our wall-frames in-house removes the onsite headaches of service location error and ensures bathroom and onsite services can be coordinated into a single wall frame location.

The service coordination occurs between architects, the builder and our in-house technical team to ensure engineering precision is achieved before the wall frame components begins physical manufacture in-house.

The difference with in-house fabrication:

Offsite bathroom pod precision can be achieved with dedicated focus that prioritises quality over the bathroom design, engineering concepts and physical production elements.

Interpod’s forward thinking mentality towards construction provides developers and builders with access to manufacturing concepts that assist their development years into the future.

A forward thinking alternative to onsite headaches:

We’ve created the bathroom pod solution that has evolved to meet the demands of a changing industry. With sustainable and inventive materials applied through the right creative know how, our pods represent the peak of modular bathroom craftsmanship.

Focusing on the design and delivery of innovative and integrated bathroom pod experiences, we continually strive to look forward, helping our clients realise and embrace the potential of modular construction.

To see our forward thinking processes in practice, you can book a factory tour.

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