Risk Management is a highly demanding responsibility, possibly one of the biggest challenges faced by contractors in construction.

Risk Management is a highly demanding responsibility, possibly one of the biggest challenges faced by contractors in construction.

Due to the strong correlation between safety incidents and defects, risk management through quality control and assurance processes is becoming evermore important in the current regulatory climate of Australia’s construction industry.

Construction professionals who’ve been in the game long enough, have experienced the inevitable frustrations, inefficiencies, defects and delays that uninvitingly appear during onsite bathroom construction.

Traditional bathrooms are typically the most problematic area of construction, resulting in countless defects, costly rework and delays. Alarmingly, bathroom rework catalysed by defects is an alarmingly common trend in onsite bathroom construction on large scale developments.

On-site bathroom construction is one of the most complex components of any project. Typically demanding alignment upwards of 12 or more trade professionals to get the job done. Insert impeccable management, timing and strategic coordination of those trades and you are only half way there.

That’s excludes all the time spent negotiating contracts, managing material procurement and storage, waste disposal, design and specification adherence, site inspections, quality control, OH&S, cleaning, site security, and safety assurances.

Modular bathroom pods are revolutionising the industry by offering superior off-site fabrication processes managed in highly controlled environment. By consolidating entire bathroom builds to a single point of contact, the burden of risk management is alleviated to next to nothing.

Contractors gain cost certainty, operational excellence, quality control and project management efficiency that cannot be achieved in a traditional onsite bathroom build with multiple trades and suppliers.

Understanding the Pitfalls of Traditional Onsite Bathroom Construction

The reality is – the process of onsite bathroom construction is far more susceptible to construction risks, defects and rework when compared to modular bathroom construction which is done offsite.

It’s no surprise that developers, specifiers, designers and contractors across Australia and New Zealand, have full confidence in prefabricated modular bathrooms over the traditional onsite build.

It’s become more evident that the true value of bathroom pods goes well beyond cost and improving time efficiencies.

Mitigating Risk In A Highly Controlled Environment

Fabricated in a purpose built factory setting, Interpod bathroom pods are constructed using the same construction processes of a traditional bathroom, yet managed under more stringent Environmental Management, OH&S and Quality Management Systems (QMS) for much higher levels of compliance and quality control.

Unlike the traditional process which are open to endless foot traffic and exposure to potential defects, bathroom pod construction is closely monitored in a closed, highly controlled environment by our in-house trade specialists.

It is adherence to compliance in a controlled environment that allows Interpod to mitigate all construction risks associated with defects, safety and rework issues that commonly plague onsite bathroom construction.

Our systems are built to assert compliance and benchmarked quality, intrinsically eliminating construction risks in real time. For example. For example, we have developed our own industry-recognised waterproofing methodology ensuring greater bathroom durability, with multiple point testing and checks to guarantee compliance.

Without fail, modular bathroom pods undergo far more stringent quality control checks than onsite builds, with tighter methodical adherence to Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) and recorded compliance to building standards and codes.

It is the factory-like process of manufacturing a premium bathroom that provides optimal construction conditions and product consistency. Constructed on an assembly line for less foot traffic, minimised safety risks, and less room for error with stringent checks at every step.

The processes for quality assurance and compliance are systematically engrained into every step of the construction process at Interpod.

Our end products deliver all the same aesthetic, structural and functional value at an onsite construction with more confidence, cost-effectiveness and convenience.

The advantages of offsite go well beyond time saved onsite, to include minimised waste, greater quality control, increased site safety, reduced congestion, faster delivery, and more time for other aspects of the project.

“Building in a factory environment, and being able to coordinate all those activities offsite, means there’s actually less activities and less high risk works that are undertaken onsite” – Andrew Paris, Project Director, NSW Health Infrastructure

Why should you choose Interpod bathroom pods for your next project?

Interpod is revolutionizing the construction process for bathroom construction on large scale projects.

Lean manufacturing principles, superior innovation, and strict quality control measures set Interpod prefab bathrooms apart.

The true value of bathroom pods goes well beyond cost and time efficiencies:

  • By removing the momentous task of coordinating multiple trades and suppliers, and consolidating the entire bathroom build to a single point of contact you streamline your entire project. Put simply, you are securing cost certainty, operational excellence, quality control and project management efficiency that can’t be replicated in an onsite setting.
  • By removing the process onsite, you accelerate the project timeline up to 30% faster, significantly reduce construction time, eliminating the stress and cost of managing up to 15 trades or more per bathroom.
  • With less foot traffic onsite, you significantly reduce risk of damage, defects, hazards and accidents up to 80% when compared to the strict quality control measures implemented by bathroom pod construction environment.
  • Exceptional quality control ensures a defect-free bathroom on arrival to site. Hand over your compliance concerns and micro-managing over to a single point of accountability. Forget about storage and waste management. Deliver your project sooner, increase profitability and significantly reduce hidden construction costs associated with defects and rework.
  • Absolute design flexibility. Completely customisable, there are virtually no design limitations with bathroom pods. Everything that is possible in design process of a traditional bathroom is possible in a bathroom pod. From layouts to fixtures, all bathroom pods are easily specified, 3D modelled and integrated into practice.
  • Structural integrity is central to our product. We fabricate all structural bathroom pod components such as steel frames & GRC bases in our Australian factory. Engineered floor falls eliminate waterproofing failures or leaks. Industry-recognised waterproofing process developed by Interpod guarantees compliance

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