To extract the most value from modular bathroom pod construction, it is important to consider bathroom pods at the early concept design stage.

Whilst bathroom pods can be accommodated 14 weeks prior to being needed onsite, this mitigates additional savings that could have been passed on to the builder and developer.

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Wet area design and fittings can be finalised before tender

Getting cost and designs finalized for the bathrooms early, means best prices can be locked in, saving time in the tender process. Bathrooms are a complex component to any large-scale build and reducing the administration time associated with this element allows clients to move ahead with contracts much faster than a traditional bathroom.

A single bathroom contract simplifies the process

Rather than dealing with individual trades and handling many small purchases for fixtures and fittings, bathroom pods are provided as a single contract to the builder or developer. This means small yet important details inside the bathroom aren’t overlooked.

Since Interpod solely focuses on building bathrooms, we are experts in product sourcing and are unhindered by the challenges building procurement managers face when handling many different product types for site built bathrooms.

Construction time savings are maximized

Bathroom pods constructed at Interpod are built alongside the site schedule, rather than after. This means that bathrooms can be stored until needed onsite and delivered as soon as needed. Hold ups from individual trades is mitigated as bathrooms are delivered to site as complete units.

Early pod planning saves money

Incorporating bathroom pods early means design reworks are avoided. Slab requirements are determined based on flush or ramped transition into the wet area space, meaning concreters and structural engineers are aware early rather than imposing cost variations to their designs too.

Materials can be ordered early

Fast tracking materials for last minute projects is costly. Having materials signed off prior to the project tender stage gives all parties the certainty that stock levels for fixtures and fittings can be guaranteed.


For over 12 years, our team has been simplifying construction projects with bathroom pods. Whilst modular construction advantages are only being adopted now by some, most of our clients who produce projects the fastest are those who engage in modular construction advancement like bathroom pods.

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