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Building bathrooms onsite involves many trades in the process: plumbing, electrical, tiling, painting, plastering, and more.

Builders, in particular, often spend a great deal of time coordinating contractors, which translates to higher project and development costs overall.

With many trades involved, project schedules are naturally stretched out further to accommodate everyone. Aside from that, all this on-site work directly results in large volumes of construction waste, which causes further project delays and safety risks. Having to coordinate multiple trades onsite makes quality control more difficult than it should be, causing increased defects and costly repairs.

The best way to streamline the bathroom build process is to have bathrooms built off-site, tested and monitored for defects in advance. Once manufactured, the bathroom pods can be locked up and fitted into the project as fully-equipped bathrooms with no further trade works required. This is the preferred alternative to building bathrooms onsite; the option that saves you time, money, and energy.

Modular Bathroom Construction
On-site bathroom construction

Modular bathroom construction: the smart, innovative way to build bathrooms today

Bathroom pods have dramatically revolutionised the construction industry and has grown more popular over the years. The idea itself, brought to life by modern technology in construction equipment and innovation, has made it possible for builders and developers to simplify bathroom construction in a way that’s no different than adding pieces to a puzzle.

What is a bathroom pod?

A bathroom pod is a factory-built bathroom. Each bathroom is still designed in line with its project’s specific aesthetic goals, just prefabricated off-site. The bathroom pod is fitted with plumbing, mechanical, and electrical lines in the factory, and will simply be connected to the building’s main service connections upon installation. All trade works involved are overseen and carried out by the bathroom pod manufacturer, fully eliminating the traditional practice of multi-tier contacting.

Why choose the bathroom pod solution over a traditional build?

Reduce lead times, waste, and money

Since they are built off-site, bathroom pods can be prepared while other stages in your project are happening. Once the building has allocated bathroom areas and supply lines all set, bathroom pods can then simply be craned up, rolled into position, and connected. An Interpod bathroom takes less than 2 hours to crane, position, and install onsite.

No need to waste any more time or money bringing in trades to work in your bathrooms. The amount of material stored onsite and waste per bathroom is brought down to just the wrap that protects the bathroom pod during transport.

Experience peace of mind with all trades streamlined into one point of contact.

Working with a single point of contact saves you the headache of addressing questions and checking individual progress reports and variations between multiple trades. Each stage of bathroom construction is closely monitored in the factory environment, with quality checks performed at each stage of production. Clients are welcomed to visit the manufacturing facility to see progress of their bespoke bathrooms being built.

Unlike in a traditional build, being able to see a prototype version and check on your bathrooms before they are installed also gives you peace of mind that your bathrooms will be built to your exact specifications.

Install in multiple bathrooms at the same time.

Developments such as hotels, aged care facilities, residential buildings, or other similar projects often require bathrooms that are exactly the same. The bathroom pod solution is ideal for this scenario, as bathroom pod manufacturers can easily produce multiple units of the same design at the factory.

While the traditional process can also produce exact-replica bathrooms, using ready-to-install bathrooms takes much less time and involves much less work than constructing so many bathrooms from scratch, even if done simultaneously.

Increase profit and take your project to market sooner

Reduced project costs and times will ensure you achieve an increase in profit and an earlier project launch. More than that, having well-designed, high-quality bathrooms in your space also increases the value of your development now and into the future with long-lasting bathroom designs.

Move from tradition and into the modern with Interpod

At Interpod, we work closely with you to develop a bathroom pod solution that suits your unique business needs. Your experience with us involves:

    • Problem-solving: Together, we discuss your needs and come up with a solution that suits you. We take into consideration your design objectives, preferences for materials or sanitary hardware brands, budget, project timeline, and other specifications you might have.
    • Prototype and Design: For your peace of mind and confidence, we develop all the visuals and samples you need so you know exactly what to expect.
    • Manufacture: With our team of industry specialists, we build your bathrooms at our fully-equipped factory, all up for strict monitoring and quality control.
    • Transportation: We deliver your bathroom pods at the agreed time, aligned with your project timeline.
    • Installation: Everything from framing the bathroom pod into your space to connecting it to main supply lines takes only two hours or less.
    • Connection: Within the same working day of installation, you have fully functioning bathrooms, ready to use.
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Protect Your Profits by Choosing Interpod Bathrooms

As pioneers of modular bathroom construction in Australia, Interpod are proud to offer a seamless bathroom construction experience to our partners in the construction and development industry.

We welcome discussions for any project across Australia and New Zealand. You can contact us here to collaborate with us on your next project concept.

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