Inside the Interpod modular bathroom factory

Interpod Modular Bathroom Factory

It’s a sad fact that a lot of manufacturing work is leaving Australia as companies turn to cheaper, often less reliable, offshore manufacturing options.

At Interpod however, we buck this worrying trend by choosing to keep the vast majority of our manufacturing in Australia and in-house. From our base on the Central Coast of NSW, we manufacture prefabricated modular bathrooms that are 100 per cent built in Australia, by Australians, and to Australian standards.

By keeping our manufacturing local and in-house, we maintain total control over our processes. This enables Interpod to deliver industry-leading quality in every single modular bathroom we produce. Our customers enjoy certainty and peace of mind that simply cannot be delivered with offshore production.

quality checks of interpod bathroom

How we maximise production without compromising on quality

We currently produce 20 modular bathrooms a day and can push our daily capacity up to 30 bathrooms a day as needed. Our bathrooms begin with the fabrication of a steel or GRC base, and every 20 minutes we have a completed bathroom coming off the production line.

In order to do this, we’ve introduced some key initiatives that enable us to build 20 bathrooms a day to our superior quality levels and exceeding Australian building standards.

  • We’ve embraced lean manufacturing methodology and moved away from the traditional batch style of manufacturing. We have made significant progress in this, and all production staff are on board with the new processes. As a result, a lean mindset is becoming standard practice.
  • We are always looking to streamline operations. Everyone is involved in daily continuous improvement, from senior management to shop floor staff. This enables an agile and effective production environment and gives ownership to all staff at the level it’s required.
  • We are constantly looking for and eliminating waste in our production process and considering ways to add more standardisation into the system. This gives us more control over the production process, allowing us to produce pods at the rate we do without compromising on the high level of quality that’s evident in every pod that leaves our factory.
  • Although there are still many improvements to be made, we have become a one-piece flow from base fabrication to base sheeting. This enables us to reduce work in progress and create space in other areas.
  • The line moves in minutes thanks to our one-piece flow and the systems that we have in place. From start to finish- from base fabrication through to the finished bathroom coming off the line- is approximately eight days. Our modular bathrooms go through a series of events – base fabrication, waterproofing, and tiling – before they reach the production floor for final assembly. Once they get onto our production line we are producing one modular bathroom every 20 minutes.

Interpod - Modular Bathroom Manufacturer in Australia

Interpod is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of prefabricated modular bathroom pods. We are the only modular bathroom manufacturer in Australia that is assembling, building and delivering a 100% Australian made product for large commercial and residential construction projects. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your needs.