As a family owned business, Interpod celebrates the role we play in our local community, supporting local jobs, implementing sustainable building practices, mitigating the risks associated with onsite bathroom construction, and setting new benchmarks for modular bathroom construction and Australian manufacturing.

Every project partnership with Interpod is a collaborative construction experience between industry leading experts, targeted to offer a level of cost certainty, operational excellence, quality control and project management efficiency that cannot be achieved in a traditional onsite bathroom build with multiple external trades and suppliers.

It’s no surprise that developers, specifiers, designers and contractors across Australia and New Zealand, prefer Interpod over the traditional onsite build. The advantages of modular bathroom pods go well beyond time saved onsite, to include minimised waste, greater quality control, increased site safety, reduced congestion, faster delivery, and more time for other aspects of the project.

Watch: Prefabricated Modular Bathrooms – Made In Australia, By Australians, To Australian Standards

Equipped to Produce One Modular Bathroom Every 15 Minutes

We invite you to explore our process-driven modular bathroom pod manufacturing facility.

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