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Modular Bathrooms

What are Interpod modular bathroom pods and why would I need them?

Building your bathrooms onsite is inefficient and often causes headaches, delays, Work Health and Safety (WHS) problems, and poor workmanship. Budget blow-outs, scheduling disruptions, waterproofing failures, and post-construction defects are common.

Interpod provides the solution with modular bathroom pods. We manufacture all your bathrooms offsite then deliver them ready for installation, all to your design. This means they’re completely unhindered by weather conditions, restricted site access, and overcrowding on your building site.

All Interpod bathroom pods are produced and assembled in our dedicated factories around Sydney in New South Wales (NSW), providing a quality finish that is unachievable on a building site. We use cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and our quality-assured production line process is compliant with ISO:9001. This allows us to precisely monitor the design and build at each step along the way ensuring consistent quality and compliance.

Each bathroom pod is delivered to your site as a completed and fully tested unit, and is fitted with floor and wall tiles, light fittings, mirrors, soap holders, towel rails, and appliances. After it’s positioned onsite it’s a simple (2-3 hour) process to connect the building’s electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems.

In other words, we’ve turned your bathroom into an appliance! How much time and effort could you save by removing onsite bathroom construction from your critical path?

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