Contemporary Hotel Bathrooms

Hotel construction means tight deadlines, high labour costs and cramped site conditions. But it doesn’t have to mean bathroom compromises.

By using Interpod’s modular bathrooms, instead of building your bathrooms onsite, you can make far more efficient use of time, space and manpower, and enjoy enormous time and cost savings.

The reduced amount of construction, alone, has been found to save up to 30% in overall build time. This means you can start trading up to 20 weeks earlier, and in turn, collect over 20 weeks’ extra revenue.

In particular, if your project is a hotel or resort in a remote location, you’ll significantly reduce the number of tradespeople and the volume of materials requiring transport to site, as well as the risk of cost overruns due to unforeseen problems arising onsite. Our controlled production line process means you pay a one-off build and delivery cost – there are no hidden surprises or mitigating circumstances.

Prefab bathroom pods are the preferred solution for many international hotel chains. We offer modular bathrooms for hotels of all kinds, from budget through to luxury.