Durable, Safe Bathrooms for Health

Interpod bathroom pods are durable, safe and built for maximum infection control, making them ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and other health and aged care facilities.

Just as importantly, we build them to the specific hospital or DA guidelines required for your specialised application (e.g., for use by physically disabled or mental health patients). Our modular pods can incorporate shower seats, grab rails and an ultra-low floor profile for level entry, ensuring they adhere to disabled accessibility regulations. And for easy maintenance and cleaning, they can include wall-hung toilets and vanities, a single plane floor, and mould resistant, easy-to-clean PVC and vinyl surfaces.

Our manufacturing process takes place under strict supervision to ensure each bathroom pod conforms to the highest standards. While not a standard ‘off the shelf’ product, we can guarantee the finish, prime cost items and layout of each pod is standardised, simplifying cleaning and maintenance procedures for bathroom pods installed at multiple locations.