What an outstanding recognition of our continual company innovation!

This year the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies competition asked for top innovations that Interpod has developed over 12 months.

We eagerly submitted information around:

    • our design smarts such as specialised cavity sliders and frames
    • our unique fabrication methods
    • Lean production innovations

You will understand what we mean by these innovations if you tour our facility.

This is the fourth year that Interpod has achieved the shortlist for innovation.

How does the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies Award work?

The AFR Boss Most Innovative companies list recognises and celebrates Australian businesses, like Interpod, who are challenging the status quo. They pick out companies who want to make a difference and are doing so by continually evolving.

What does Interpod do to innovate?

Nothing quite beats experience and client partnership feedback when it comes to continuous improvement. Hearing and applying the desires of end users into modular bathroom pods allows us to produce a space that is personal and high quality.

In addition, we focus on Product Research & Development. From design standardisation, fast-install processes, and mechanisms to handle waste effectively. This extends across to production to ensure our output is streamlined so construction sites receive the benefit of fast build times.

Modular bathrooms in themselves are an innovation, and we’re pleased to be aligned regulary on projects with leaders of construction and residential industries.

Here’s to next years innovation award!

You can book a facility tour here. Please note that tours are limited and reviewed on a company-by-company basis.

More on innovation: Watch how bathroom pods solve common onsite construction challenges

Witness our lean manufacturing principles, sustainable building practices, and strict quality control measures for yourself. Book a tour for your team here.

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