Lifting: A Crane, Materials Hoist, or both?

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Interpod News

Since each building site is driven by a tight schedule, it’s important to consider every element that may impact the construction process.

Bathroom Pods are designed to eliminate time lost with re-work, material hold-ups and weather related delays; but even greater efficiencies can be achieved by utilising the bathroom pod logistic option that best suits your site.

Both Cranes and Materials Hoists are suitable for moving Bathroom Pods from ground level into the building. Either option has equal benefits that are solely driven by the requirements of the project; there is no right or wrong.

Bathroom Pod dimensions, your construction schedule and the number of bathrooms in the project will all be factors to consider when determining what logistics option is best.

Crane Hoist System for Pods:

  • Our Modular bathroom pods are manufactured with a fast purpose-built hoist system that drastically reduces crane lift time
  • Interpod’s exclusive crane hoist system lifts a Pod from the ground into the building in 2 minutes
  • Simple to use connection points on the base of the Pod provide a safe, easy lifting solution

Materials Hoist alternative for Pods:

For assistance in determining which option suits Bathroom Pods for your site, we recommend you talk to our Project Team for guidance. You can contact our team here.


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