2014’s Most Popular Trends in Bathroom Design

shutterstock_229742542Last year saw some major changes in bathroom trends, especially when it comes to the design and features of commercial bathrooms. If you’re looking for new ways to breathe new life into those outdated hotel bathroom designs, here are some of 2014s biggest bathroom trends.

Freestanding bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs have become a major feature of commercial bathroom design over the last year. 2014 saw a strong shift away from time-saving showers, as the focus turned towards the idea of long, relaxing soaks in the tub. These spa-like bathrooms are designed specifically with relaxation in mind.


Keeping with the spa-haven theme, plants have also become increasingly popular in bathroom design over the last year.  Not just happy to include a little potted plant in the corner, many designers have taken that one step further and included full living walls within the plan – with spectacular results.


Simplicity is key! The past few years have shown a preference towards bathrooms that are charming as well as sophisticated and elegant. Bathrooms are retaining the clean cut lines and sleekness in their design, but expressing a little more quirk and charm. The results are bathrooms that are elegant through their use of simple features – clean lines and clutter-less spaces – combined with rich woods and interesting materials to add a little character.


Colour is creeping back into bathrooms all over the world. Although white is still one of the most popular colours, a lot of commercial bathrooms are seeing a shift towards more colourful designs. Some of the more popular choices over the last year have been blue, pale greys, and black. If you think colour is just referring to walls and tiles, think again! Coloured taps have also become a favourite feature in some bathroom designs.

Freestanding basins

Along with the popular freestanding bathtubs, freestanding basins were also back in full force last year. Some of the more popular designs we’ve seen include freestanding pedestal basins and minimalist basin stands with exposed legs and nothing underneath.

Natural wood

Using natural wood as a feature in bathrooms was another trend in 2014, adding a warm, rustic charm to the space. When combined with neutral colours, the rich tones of natural wood can add style and sophistication while retaining the feeling of welcoming, warm, comfort.

Natural materials

Natural materials in general have been a popular choice over the last year. Natural stone, weather cut sandstone, or polished river stones, can add a certain amount of provincial quirkiness while keeping the design elegant. Other natural materials that have been popping up in bathroom design over the last year include copper, marble, onyx, quartz crystal, and we’ve even seen driftwood mirrors being used.


Monochromatic colour schemes are still one of the most fashionable trends in commercial bathroom design. Although there’s been a slight shift to include mosaic tiles within the design, focus remains on straight, clean lines complemented by varying shades of black, white, and grey.

Whatever your preference when it comes to bathroom design, there’s sure to be something on the list above that inspires you or captures your interest. The most important thing we’ve learned in 2014 when it comes to bathrooms is that the space needs to be comfortable and relaxing. Are you ready to re-design the bathrooms in your building? Contact Interpod Offsite to plan your new bathrooms today!

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