212 Bathroom Pods to the University Of Wollongong‎

Bathroom Pods for University Of Wollongong‎

Interpod have now provided 212 bathrooms to UOW for Stage 1 of their student accommodation project. The Interpod team successfully delivered approximately 40 bathrooms to the site each day with the installation on each bathroom completed the following day through the collaborative efforts of the UOW project team and an Interpod supervisor.

The Wollongong-based project has proven to be an outstanding example of how prefabricated modular bathrooms introduce new levels of efficiency to large-scale projects. Additional innovations such as a single spigot on each pod meant that the installation process was simplified resulting in a faster process for the student accommodation bathrooms.

Large-scale developments such as this are evidence that prefabricated modular bathrooms are a verified time saver and Interpod are looking forward to delivering the remaining stages.