Bathroom pods aid Arrow International hotel project build

Proud to have helped the builder of Australia’s first Tune Hotel to speed up the hotel’s construction process and cut project costs.

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Bathroom pods from Interpod Offsite helped the builder, Arrow International to cut many weeks out of the construction schedule, helping them adhere to the very tight timeframe given to complete the hotel.

Built offsite, Interpod Offsite’s premium custom bathroom pods were completed in a fraction of time compared to traditional build methods. This significant reduction in construction time also meant substantial cost savings for Arrow International.

Arrow’s Project Manager Matt Hall confirms that the company was able to shave months off the overall project programme. With 256 hotel rooms and 17 apartments, the hotel project has almost 300 bathrooms over eight floors.

Each bathroom was delivered to the site as a completed and cleaned unit, craned onto loading decks and wheeled into place on each floor.

Peter from Arrow explains that compared to the traditional way of using multiple trades to complete a bathroom, the factory finished bathroom pods offered a more efficient and faster alternative. The bathroom pods also included several disabled bathrooms, all built to Tune Hotel’s unique specifications and design, and finished to an exceptionally high standard.

According to Arrow director Ross Saunders, Interpod has allowed them to manage their overheads and timeframes, leading to significant cost saving on the construction project. From the point of view of project management and construction management, Arrow was able to start the structure at the same time as they started building bathrooms.

By utilising pod bathrooms, Arrow managed their construction program a lot more efficiently, allowing them to bring the job in on time and on budget. The company was able to save over 16 weeks on the construction time, or about 10% on traditional build time.


First Tune Hotel In Australia Proves Interpod Bathrooms Pods As Time-Saving

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