Interpod Providing End-to-End Bathroom Solution for Baxter International Hotel Project

Bathroom Pods to be provided for Baxter International Hotel project in Mascot, Sydney

Interpod Offsite are very happy to announce we will be providing an end-to-end bathroom solution for the Baxter International Hotel project in Mascot, Sydney. Located in an area of Sydney that is synonymous with transport, this stellar project will thrive amongst the surrounding junctions for trains, planes and automobiles.

Architects Fox Johnston state on their website that the “space acts as a picture frame through which to view the workings of the airport, Botany Bay and greater Sydney. It is both a refuge from the city and a place that provides connection to the journey of the travellers transiting through the hotel.”

Set to be built by the award winning team at PBS, there is little doubt that this project will prove to be an impressive addition to Mascot’s urban environment.

Interpod will be providing approximately 146 bathrooms for the luxury hotel, ultimately assisting in the efficient delivery of the project. Watch this space for further updates on the Baxter International Hotel project in Mascot.