DIFOT: Interpod’s Performance Measurement Standard


At the backbone of Interpod’s world class manufacturing process is the DIFOT key performance indicator. Delivered In Full On Time is the standard by which Interpod’s world class manufacturing is measured, with the greatest judgement being the satisfaction of our clients.

Building your bathrooms onsite is inefficient, often causing headaches, delays, WHS problems and poor workmanship. Budget blowouts, scheduling disruptions, waterproofing failures and post-construction defects are common.

Interpod provides the solution. We manufacture all your bathrooms offsite, then deliver them ready for installation. All to your design. This means they’re completely unhindered by weather conditions, restricted site access and overcrowding on your building site.

To find out more about our world class manufacturing procedures, click here: https://interpod.com/about-us/world-class-manufacturing/.