Flexible modular bathroom design with Interpod


Prefabricated modular building products are an inherently flexible option for architects, builders and property developers. By its very nature, modular offsite construction is a flexible building practice that circumvents a lot of the common pain points of traditional onsite construction.

At Interpod we have built our industry-leading name on engineering innovative alternatives to traditional bathroom building methods and delivering quality without compromising on flexibility. Indeed, every Interpod modular bathroom is custom-built to suit the specific requirements of our clients, which change from job to job.

Importantly, we maintain constant contact with our clients while we are designing and constructing their modular bathrooms, which helps to guarantee that we are meeting their expectations throughout the life of the project.

delivering Interpod Bathroom

Each modular bathroom pod we design and build is delivered as a completed and fully tested unit. With all components – from floor tiles and wall paneling to light fittings, mirrors, soap holders, towel rails, and sanitaryware – already installed, the only work left to do onsite is to install the pod (typically only a two to three-hour process).

designing bathroom pods

Early engagement key to maximising modular bathroom flexibility

To ensure that you get the best modular bathroom solution for your project, it is important that you engage your prefabricated modular bathroom provider as early as possible in the design process. When it comes to modular building, the earlier you commit to going modular and engage a trusted supplier, the better the outcome will be.

We advise project managers and their lead project architects to meet with us and seek our advice as early as possible in the design process. This allows us to workshop all possible solutions for your specific needs to deliver the best outcome for your project.

Based on the outcomes of this workshop, we then develop a complete 3D model containing all the individual parts that make up the bathroom pod. From this model we generate an accurate code that is entered into our CNC machinery to produce bases, walls and finishes for the pod.

Interpod Bathroom Quality Checks

Cost savings through early consultation

While early consultation enables us to maximise design flexibility for your modular bathroom solution, it also saves developers and builders thousands of dollars in design costs and architects many hours of time in redesigning the building to accommodate modular bathrooms.

Designing bathrooms for large construction projects can be a complex process. Our design team at Interpod includes, amongst others, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, and CNC programmers.

Building bathrooms in the traditional manner – from scratch at the building site – requires more than 10 individual trades to get the job done. Prefabricated modular bathroom solutions take all that work and all those tradespeople off your site in favour of a solution that is delivered completed to your specifications and ready to install.

We have designed hundreds of different types of bespoke modular bathrooms over the last eight years and can work with you to create the flexible solution that your project requires.

Interpod is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of prefabricated modular bathroom pods. We are the only modular bathroom manufacturer in Australia that assembles, builds and delivers a 100% Australian made product for large commercial and residential construction projects. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your needs.