Flooring Options for Commercial Bathrooms

Blue bathroom tiles - Interpod OffsiteBathroom floors are no longer restricted to the standard white-tile-only option. In these times of mass production and finely-tuned manufacturing techniques, a commercial bathroom can look as glamorous or as rustic as you desire – all thanks to the flooring. This article will look at some ideas for bathroom flooring that can help you create the perfect space.

Natural stones

Natural stones include slate, river stones, rocks, and virtually any other naturally formed substance that comes from the Earth. Natural stones are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours, textures, and styles, to suit virtually every colour scheme and bathroom design you could imagine. They’re extremely durable and require minimal maintenance – sealing them with a waterproofing agent every 6 to 12 months will extend their life dramatically and prevent staining.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic floor tiles differ from ceramic wall tiles as they’re usually made with more texture to prevent slipping. Ceramic tiles are a good option for flooring, but are less durable than concrete and natural stones as they are more susceptible to breaking. Although they’re simple to replace – just remove the old tile and put in a new one – there’s a lot more maintenance involved. Grout must be replaced as soon as it cracks, and also sealed regularly to stop mould or moisture from reaching the base, which causes the tiles to lift.


Vinyl is available in both sheets and tiles, and is a reasonably durable choice. Vinyl is waterproof and warmer than stone, tiles, or concrete, but can wear down easily in commercial bathrooms where there will be a lot of traffic. Sheet vinyl is more difficult to install but lasts longer, while vinyl tiles are easier to install but do not last as long. Although vinyl is available in a huge range of colours and styles, it will always look like vinyl.

The above materials are all fantastic options when it comes to being waterproof and durable. There are, however, some materials that should always be avoided in bathrooms:

  • It may seem obvious, but carpet should never be used in a bathroom. Even the outdoor, waterproof types of carpet should never be an option – these are for pool areas only. Carpet is a terrible option for bathrooms simply due to hygiene. Bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly to remove germs and prevent illness, carpet just does not allow bathrooms to be cleaned the way they should be.
  • Another type of flooring to avoid is hardwood. Wood absorbs moisture, making it particularly bad around areas like showers, baths, and basins. Even with regular waterproofing and maintenance, hardwood flooring tends to deteriorate at a rapid rate.

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