How to Light Up the Bathroom

How to Light Up the Bathroom

The bathroom may have been considered as a purely utilitarian room in the past, but it is increasingly becoming the place to relax, recharge, and take some personal solace from today’s fast paced world and modern stresses. It’s therefore unwise to neglect the bathroom when it comes to choosing lighting for your building. Lighting can absolutely transform the mood and feel of a room, and the bathroom is particularly open to benefiting from good lighting.

The best way to think about lighting when it comes to the bathroom is in layers. These layers of light fall into four main categories:

  • Task lighting,
  • Ambient lighting,
  • Accent lighting, and
  • Decorative lighting.

Let’s explore each of these elements in more detail.

Task lighting

This is lighting that is required to perform certain tasks, such as styling hair, brushing teeth, or putting on makeup. Task lighting requires care so as to ensure the bathroom user has the best view of themselves, without distraction or distortion.

It is recommended that lighting above the mirror be avoided, as this can create shadows and even alter the way you look. The best way to illuminate a bathroom mirror is with bulbs on the side so as to produce a consistent light free of shadows.

Ambient lighting

This type of lighting is used to light up the rest of the bathroom, as simply utilising task lighting is not sufficient in creating a bright space throughout the whole bathroom. Lights around the perimeter, or perhaps an appropriate ceiling light can provide the necessary brightness to fill your bathroom. A dimmable down light above the tub can provide some customised light as well, and increase the value of the home or property.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to bring focus towards a certain area. This is useful in bathrooms where you may have an artwork or a storage recess. Accent lighting adds to the effect of a relaxing room, and again can add value to the home or property.

Decorative lighting

Sometimes it’s nice to use lights simply for decorative purposes, and a bathroom is no exception! Decorative lighting can add luxury and indulgence to any bathroom. An example of such lighting would be a pendant light hanging from the ceiling, providing a touch of soft light and some visual interest at the same time. Decorative lighting is a great way to carry the elegance and luxury of your interior into the bathroom as well.

Considering these types of lighting will help you create a bathroom space that is both functional and luxurious. The difference between a well lit bathroom and an incorrectly lit bathroom is considerable when it comes to the user. The bathroom is a place where people start and end their day, so neglecting the mood and feel of this room can go on to have an effect on the occupants. Installing the right lighting will have people look forward to spending time in there and turn the bathroom into a personal oasis, increasing the value of the property, apartment, or hotel suite as a whole.

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