Interpod Earns Australian WaterMark™ Certification

Quality Management at Interpod

Recognising our stringent adherence to quality compliance, Interpod Offsite have recently earned the renowned, industry standard WaterMark™ certification for our entire bathroom pod range. As pioneers of the Australian prefabricated modular bathroom industry, we are the first Australian company to offer WaterMark™ certification on bathroom pods available to the wider market.

The WaterMark™ certification on our bathrooms confirms that the plumbing design, fixtures, and connection methods used are compliant with the Plumbing Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards, which relates to product quality, including health and safety, performance, endurance and warrants that it is fit for purpose.

WaterMark™ certification is mandatory for bathroom pods to be legally installed as a ‘deemed to satisfy’ solution in accordance with state and territory plumbing regulations. If bathroom pods are not certified, it is necessary to have the pods approved as an alternate solution on a per project basis. This previously added level of complexity has now been eliminated.

The WaterMark™ certification of Interpod’s bathroom pods also highlights the versatility and inherent benefits of modular construction methods in general. By providing a nationally recognised level of quality and longevity, Interpod bathroom pods can even more efficiently provide program certainty, cost efficiency and functional capacities raising the profile of modular bathrooms as a smarter choice in large-scale construction.

Highest quality standards and compliance you can rely on

The WaterMark™ certification logo instantly conveys the highest standards of quality and shows that the product has been rigorously tested. Once achieved, the certification guarantees to each stakeholder in the construction process the material’s longevity, functionality and compliance to the appropriate Building Standards making each component in an entire project easily identifiable as the right choice.

For the project team, the WaterMark™ certification gives the confidence to specify a distinct level of quality that is easily recognised and verified quickly for ease of budgetary and compliance purposes. Builders can also rely on WaterMark™ certification to categorise standards of performance and longevity for each component, protecting their project from future defects and compliance issues.

For the plumber, the WaterMark™ certification ensures that they are not taking on any more responsibility than expected. Prior to certification, the site plumber would have to accept some responsibility for the plumbing work performed in the pod, which added risk and cost to the plumbers works. Now with certification, there is a clear line of demarcation between the bathroom pod and the site plumbing.

For local authorities, WaterMark™ certification means that the bathroom pod can be signed off without individual inspections, making the process faster and more cost effective.

WaterMark™ Certification Process

After extensive testing and auditing performed on site at Interpod, our products have successfully gained the nationally recognised certification. Full scale, working prototypes of Interpod’s bathrooms were thoroughly evaluated for adherence to strict installation, functional and operational standards. This included significant testing of in-situ performances such as hot and cold cycles, highly repetitive functions and the longevity of each component in a bathroom pod.

WaterMark™ certification creates a unified industry-wide recognition system for quality components and compliance to appropriate standards. Interpod’s accreditation under the WaterMark™ scheme is a testament to the advancement of modular bathrooms across the Australian construction industry. This marks an exciting evolution in the relationship Australia has with modular building alternatives as adoption now carries another level of certainty and assurance.