Interpod Featured In First Issue Of prefabAUS’ Built Offsite


Interpod Featured In First Issue Of prefabAUS Built Offsite

Earlier this quarter, the Australian prefabricated industry association prefabAUS launched their industry focused publication, Built Offsite. A first for the sector, the print and digital magazine looks at what is happening in the industry and how the benefits of prefab construction are being realised across the Australian market.

The speed with which ‘offsite high-rises’ are sprouting across the world can’t yet be described as a gallop, but it is gathering momentum and it is gaining attention. Little wonder, as cities continue to grow, driving demand for relatively cost-effective commercial or residential developments that must be built with increasingly costly resources and labour.

— Excerpt by Belinda Smarts.

Having completed numerous large scale projects in the student accommodation, hotel, and residential sectors, Interpod was featured in the article on the use of prefab components in high rise developments.

For the full article, check out Issue 01