Prefab Modular Construction for Large Developments

Prefabricated Modular Construction A "No-Brainer" for Large-Scale Developments

Interpod Offsite are Australia’s pioneering and leading manufacturer of prefabricated modular bathroom pods and have been providing the construction industry with quality, defect-free, end-to-end bathroom solutions since 2009.

As is the case with some of history’s greatest innovations, prefabricated modular construction methods have their critics. However, the industry is now beginning to realise the true value of these superior building methods.

It is true that in small-scale boutique developments, traditional building methods are still a viable and worthwhile bathroom solution. However, the scalability of prefabricated modular bathrooms means that in large scale developments they are, as many of our clients put it, “a no-brainer”.

Imagine outsourcing the entire bathroom build to a single supplier that will provide a quality, guaranteed defect-free bathroom that is delivered complete and installed in a matter of minutes.

To see how the Interpod approach could open up a new level of efficiency for your next development or project, contact us today.