Reduce, Re-use , Recycle at Interpod

The Big Waste Problem

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics every Australian contributes around 2 tonnes of waste each year. That’s a lot of waste when you consider that there are nearly 24 million people living in Australia. Trying to find space for 48 million tonnes of waste is not easy. Unfortunately a lot of waste finds its way onto our beaches and roads, into our waterways and bushland.

The Three Step Solution


Avoid making waste. Look for ways to purchase, produce and use goods that stop waste being generated. Choose products that can be used productively, recycled locally and have minimal packaging.


Re-use containers, packaging or waste products


Recycle waste material on site or return waste material to local recycling plants.

How we are making a difference at Interpod

At Interpod we are making a determined effort to help the environment by implementing the three steps.


  • Reducing waste by choosing products with less packaging
  • Reducing waste by introducing world class transportable stillages, used straight from supplier to factory floor. Minimal packaging required and no expensive pallets. Stillages are sent back to supplier to be refilled when empty.
  • Reducing waste by using locally manufactured goods. No specialist and expensive packaging required to transport goods hundreds of miles.
  • Reducing waste by choosing products that can be recycled and re-used
  • Reducing waste by buying quality goods that last. Gone are the days of the throw away era.
  • Reducing waste by manufacturing right first time every time and not producing expensive rework.
  • Reducing waste by implementing just in time manufacturing principles that reduce expensive stock holding.


  • Sourcing and purchasing products that can be re-used and refilled.
  • Re- using packaging and pallets when acceptable and safe to do so
  • Donating excess and redundant stock to the local community


  • Recycle all plastics which are crushed into a baling machine on site to reduce space for storage and transport. Bales are sent to local recycling facilities.
  • Recycle all fit for use pallets. These are collected by a local pallet restoration company. All damaged pallets are sent to a timber recycling facility and turned into useful compost, wood chips or wood pellets.
  • Recycle all used floor and wall tiles, screed, mortar and concrete. Collected by local companies, crushed and used in future construction.
  • Recycle all cardboard. Collected by local companies to be re-used in the manufacture of more paper and board products.
  • Recycle all steel. Once again done by local company. All steel is recycled which includes mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Recycle waste water produced in our paint shop during production and cleaning through a state of the art, ‘Dulux Environwash System’. Only treated water is pumped back into the sewer.

Benefits All Around

Interpod have been rewarded with financial savings of up to two thirds reduction in waste disposal charges. Our general waste disposal – the horrible stuff that can only go to land fill- has reduced by more than half. With designated bins on hand throughout our factory, our staff are happy and willing to segregate waste at the point it is produced. Our production line is cleaner. Our management staff are smiling and the environment is greener.


At Interpod we ensure all our waste carriers conform to EPA (Environment Protection Act) 1993.

Cabinet/ Glass Kanbans – From manufacture straight to production line


Cabinet/ Glass Kanbans – From manufacture straight to production line


Waste Compacting equipment – Efficient Cardboard and plastic recycling

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Doug Joyce is Head of Supply Chain Management at Interpod , Australia’s leading bathroom pod manufacturer.

Doug has expertise in supply chain management, production line manufacturing and engineering and and is currently involved in building a partnership of trust between Interpod and its supply chain.

Having worked abroad in Europe and Africa Doug has a wealth of experience in new and diverse technologies, systems and products. Having worked in production and engineering facilities around the world, Doug has gained invaluable experience in high tolerance part manufacture. With over 10 years knowledge of the construction industry Doug has the expertise to evaluate present and future suppliers to ensure they have the necessary capabilities to satisfy Interpod’s high expectations.

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