The Advantages of Using Bathroom Pods


Bathroom pods are fully functional bathrooms; the key difference being that they are designed and built offsite, rather than on a traditional building site as part of a construction project.

Useful for commercial applications in particular, bathroom pods are built in an offsite factory as a completed unit, and are then fully tested and fitted with all of the required fixtures and fittings such as taps, rails, mirrors, and appliances. The pods are then simply delivered to the site for installation, where they are connected to the plumbing and electrical services.

There are many advantages of using bathroom pods, especially for large scale projects. Here are some of the key benefits that make them a popular choice in modern construction projects.

Time Saved On Construction

Since they are manufactured in a specific facility offsite, the bathrooms can be built quickly and at scale, relative to the time it would take to individually build each bathroom in a large project. The result of taking the bathrooms off the critical path, is that the overall time required for a large construction project can be cut significantly – in fact, by up to 30%.

Cost Savings

Modular bathrooms save time, resources, and materials, and the fact that they can be produced at scale from a single design means that larger projects stand to save a lot of money too.

Quality Control

When constructing the bathroom pods in an offsite factory, there is greater control over the construction process. The production environment is clean and organised, which results in a better quality product with less defects.

Less Waste

Since the pods are delivered to a site after they have been completed, the waste that needs to be removed from a building site is dramatically reduced. Furthermore, as a result of the streamlined manufacturing process, the total waste in production can be less than 1% of the materials used. This is great from a sustainability perspective.

Less Risk

By outsourcing production to an external facility, fixtures and fittings don’t need to be stored on site. This reduces the risk of theft of valuable infrastructure. In addition to this, the risk of damage to the actual building and its components is reduced. Typically, if a bathroom is built onsite, there is a risk of damage to the building while moving things in and out, or as a result of other trades. For example, a bathtub could be cracked during tiling works.

Another important risk management benefit when using a bathroom manufacture system is the risk of time blowouts. Bad weather and damage can cause a project to go over its deadline. Using a pod system minimises this risk as they are constructed offsite with no dependence on weather.

Health and Safety

By keeping bathroom manufacturing external to the construction site, there are less obstructions on a worksite, and less labour is required to move fixtures and install appliances, thereby minimising the risk of injury to workers. Less activity on a site equates to less risk of anything going wrong.


A bathroom pod can be constructed before a project is underway, and a design can be agreed upon in advance since the finished product can be seen from the start. This also provides a peace of mind about what the final result will look like.

Streamlined Construction

Since the pods are all the same, construction processes are dramatically streamlined, resulting in many efficiencies and less waste. This has an impact on the ultimate cost of a project, the time that it takes to complete, and everything else that plugs into these factors. As a result, not only is it a sustainable method of construction, but a comparatively economical one too.

As a result of all of these benefits, bathroom pods are an extremely attractive option for large scale construction projects such as commercial buildings, hotels, and apartments.

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