The Interpod Story

Modular Bathrooms Production Line

Both prefabrication and offsite modular construction are not new concepts to the Australian building landscape. But while the Australian industry’s adoption of preconstruction modular building has been slower than other developed countries, more than a decade of innovation, within companies like Interpod Offsite, has seen a continual increase in the use of modular building alternatives.

The modular construction sector is currently experiencing a significant transformation as the industry is witness to modular solutions, such as Interpod bathroom pods, revolutionising the way large scale construction projects are built.

Offsite construction and modular building is extensively used throughout Europe and North America, and increasing in popularity throughout parts of Asia. Well known for its technological innovation, prefabAUS reports that Sweden is leading the world with 74% of its construction utilising prefabrication whereas the Australian uptake of prefabricated options only accounts for approximately 3% of industry activity.

The challenge this presents is to expand the awareness of the benefits of taking bathroom design and construction offsite, and minimising the risks and problems that are often associated with traditional bathroom construction.

This is where the Interpod Story begins.

Office of Interpod Offsite

Identifying the need for innovation in the construction industry, Interpod have developed exceptionally efficient, high quality alternatives that effectively alleviate the bulk of the challenges traditional bathroom builds can cause.

Over the years, the building industry has been repeatedly shown how traditional bathrooms too often became the most problematic area of a construction programme, causing costly delays and scheduling issues. Being highly labour intensive, and needing a large number of trades to work within restricted spaces, bathrooms are one of the riskiest areas in construction for defects and delays.

The Interpod story represents the epitome of pioneering innovation and a dedication to quality craftsmanship. Firmly establishing themselves as a trusted Australian, family-owned prefabricated bathroom company, Interpod has been built on over 25 years’ experience in modular building.

By taking the bathroom out of the traditional construction equation and building them offsite as a highly quality, controlled, modular solution, Interpod have provided the logical next step to innovate the building industry.

Interpod’s bathroom pod systems provide certainty in terms of quality assurance, programme scheduling and budgets while still being able to completely tailor each bathroom to our client’s exacting requirements. This proven track record has seen Interpod manufacture and deliver thousands of bathroom pods, facilitating successful project outcomes in often challenging environments.

Modular Bathroom Transport and Install

By streamlining construction methods to run parallel with overall progress, Interpod bathroom pods can significantly cut the required project times and trades’ hours needed onsite.

The development and expertise that Interpod have invested in their modular bathroom pods have resulted in highly versatile and adaptable end-to-end bathroom solutions. Interpod provides an alternative that allows project managers and developers deal with one, centralised point of contact instead of individual trades.

Interpod bathroom pods are a quality finished product that can accommodate an extensive variety of clients including government health facilities, student accommodation and large scale residential developments. The finishes Interpod provide on their completed pods is exceptional and completely indeterminate from a traditional bathroom build.

Cost and time efficiency for bathroom installations are key concerns to every construction programme as these have the some of the greatest impacts on a schedule.  Interpod ensure quality and timeliness with their products as they are produced outside of variable factors such as weather and site constraints.

Interpod represent the proven capabilities of modular bathroom alternatives as well as the evolution of the Australian construction industry in its adoption of these innovations. Partnering with Interpod Offsite and their modular bathroom technologies ensures your project runs smoothly, to budget and on schedule.

Interpod Offsite Team