At Interpod, we partner with some of the leading construction businesses across the industry.

As innovators in the construction industry, we’re proud to be carrying out the prefab bathroom pod solution alongside the best construction businesses in Australia. We’ve seen the many risks, setbacks, and delays that result from the traditional method of constructing bathrooms, and we’re glad to be realising a new solution with partners who have the same commitment to forward-thinking solutions.

Building Bathroom Pods: Making Bathroom Construction Easier

Building a hotel, residential building, school, aged care centre, or any other large facility is a major investment in both money and time. From the building process itself to stringent quality checks, it can be quite the challenge for builders, developers, or business owners to stay within budget and schedule.

Thankfully, with Interpod’s help, the bathroom construction part of the project can be completely taken care of. Building bathrooms offsite saves time and money, and with the expertise of the Interpod team, all bathrooms are strictly checked for quality. They are delivered to the site as fully complete, defect-free bathrooms, ready to install (with an installation time of under 2 hours.)

We’re the industry’s leading prefab bathroom pod builders

Our innovative solution – along with our team’s expertise in project management, construction, electrical, plumbing, and other relevant trades – have allowed us to enjoy our partners’ trust and confidence. Watch the videos below to hear what they have to say.