Any business is only as good as its people. The key to a successful company is its people. The key to a successful company creating innovative products is its people. Simply put, a business cannot engender the level of trust and respect that creates long-term relationships with customers without:

• genuinely caring about the employees in the business and helping them further develop their inherent strengths; and
• conveying to customers that the people building the products genuinely care about the work they are doing and take pride in doing it well.

At Interpod, our employees truly care about what they’re doing and how the roles they play contribute to the success of our customers, as well as to the success of Interpod.

“The bathroom pods are a great, innovative product, and the people here are very excited and very enthusiastic about the product and they enjoy building them,” explains Bob Robbins, one of our Project Managers.

Getting that 100 per cent buy in from staff can only be achieved by looking after them. Enabling them. Empowering them. Challenging them. And rewarding them when they deliver great work that delights customers and contributes to the success of the business.

At Interpod, our strength is our people. We challenge our people and we reward them for the role each and every one of them plays in bringing to life our industry-leading prefabricated modular bathrooms.

“The best thing about Interpod is the passion that the team bring and the environment that we work in,” adds Interpod Quality Manager Mitchell Bastock.


Underscoring culture and camaraderie

At Interpod we are very passionate about our employee culture. Our people produce quality work and there’s a legitimate sense of camaraderie amongst colleagues on the production floor. Our people are committed to the important role they play in helping us produce high quality prefabricated modular bathrooms to high Australian standards.

“The company is always focused on creating and maintaining a team environment,” says Planning Manager & Production Lead Scott Adams.

There’s a real sense of support and belonging throughout our workplace, which contributes to the great employee culture we enjoy. We believe in our staff and support and enable them with upskilling opportunities via internal training, mentoring and coaching and external courses. Our employees know that they can access opportunities for internal development and promotion with Interpod.

Celebrating our local community

Interpod plays its part in supporting the local workforce and economy on the Central Coast of NSW, offering long-term employment opportunities to both qualified tradespeople and young people seeking a trades career. We believe this is something to celebrate. Indeed, it is one of the reasons why we manufacture our prefabricated modular bathrooms in-house and in Australia, as opposed to outsourcing production to offshore companies.

Our directors and shareholders strive to create a supportive culture with high employee engagement. This is because our strength is our people. We are a family business that emphasises the ‘family’ aspect of business.

“It’s a fantastic company, a family oriented company,” Team Leader Martin Grayson attests. “Here at Interpod, you’re not just an employee; you’re a part of the Interpod family.”


Interpod is a progressive employer with a commitment to equal opportunities and creating a supportive, flexible working environment. We have earned a reputation for being a preferred employer on the Central Coast, which has helped us to become Australia’s industry leader in prefabricated modular bathrooms. For a discussion about how we can offer the modular bathroom solution for your next commercial or residential building project, contact us now.

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