The Interpod Process


From initial consulting and conceptual planning, right through to the installation and final inspection, the Interpod process is structured, monitored and quality controlled. Above all, it’s proven. It delivers consistent, predictable results for our clients, time after time. We can start earlier and finish sooner, reduce your site and loan costs, and cut overall project build time by up to 30%. All without compromising on design flexibility or finish quality.

  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Manufacture
  • Transportation
  • Installation
  • Connection


And Proposal

  • Our team provide an information session including a Powerpoint presentation and a full-sized sample bathroom pod
  • We review the project together with the client to ensure design suitability for the project. In most cases, we are able to build exactly to architects’ specifications.
  • We can then prepare and present a fee proposal
  • Once the fee proposal is presented, Interpod works with client to revise as necessary
  • Once final fee proposal is accepted, the client provides an Instruction to Proceed to Interpod
  • The Interpod Supply Agreement is prepared and executed


And Start-up

  • Once the contract is executed, a Project Manager is assigned to the project, and a start-up meeting with all key stakeholders is arranged
  • Interpod prepares detailed designs for the bathroom type required
  • Once the design is approved, a complete prototype is built for inspection by all stakeholders (builder, developer, subcontractors etc.)
  • The prototype is signed off and becomes the standard which all pods are built from


Starts Earlier Than On-site Bathrooms

  • Once the full design sign-off and prototype acceptance is received, a final delivery schedule is prepared
  • Final internal shop drawings and documentation is prepared, and procurement started for production
  • A production schedule is locked in once a delivery schedule is agreed to
  • Production begins at a rate of up to 9 pods per day (depending on other factory commitments)
  • Starts earlier than on-site bathrooms, ensuring completion to schedule and mitigating risk to the project programme
  • Monitored for quality and compliance at every step


Staged According To Project Schedule

  • The finished bathroom pods are delivered by truck to site based on your project’s timeline requirements
  • Deliveries are staged according to the project schedule
  • Secure storage available to provide for site delays


Craned Or Wheeled Into Place

  • Interpod bathrooms can be installed at a rate of up to 10 pods per day
  • Pods can be craned in level by level, or on to platforms and wheeled into place
  • Installation is performed by the builders’ site team. We provide any specialist training and equipment required


Easy Hook-up By Site Trades

  • All pod services terminate at predetermined connection points for easy hook up by site trades
  • Low-skill, quick-fit connections are used wherever possible
  • The completed bathroom is indistinguishable from a high-end site built bathroom