Some questions we are frequently asked by clients are shown below:

Are your bathrooms manufactured in Australia?

Our bathrooms are fully designed and manufactured in Australia and meet or exceed all relevant Australian Standards and building codes.

Can you manufacture a custom shape or layout?

Yes. Our bathrooms are 100% custom manufactured and can be tailored to suit virtually any design, installation and functional requirements.

Can I choose my own colours, finishes and fittings?

Absolutely. You are never limited to choosing from a catalogue of interior elements. You have the freedom to select any colour, fitting and finish you desire.

Do I need to change the construction process to accommodate an Interpod bathroom?

Changes, if any, are minimal. We require room to insert the pod, and sometimes a small recess in the slab.

What is your production capacity?

We have the capacity to produce up to 750 pods per month across our production facilities around Sydney, NSW.

How much notice do you need?

The earlier we are involved in the project, the better, however we can be included as late as three months before the bathrooms are required. Although the  suggestions we make are often minor, they can make a big difference towards reducing overall construction times.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Experience shows that benefit is obtained when projects have 80 bathrooms or more. It is also critical to minimise the number of bathroom types, having an average of 40 pods per type.

Do you have a standard range of pods?

Interpod offer a range of standard designs for student accommodation, aged care, hotel and residential apartment sectors that can easily fit into your next project’s design. Click here to download.