ICC Hurstville

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Travelodge’s new  Hotel facility by ICC, incorporates 102 Interpod Bathroom Pods into the Stage 2 construction phase.

Project Completion Date: In Progress Total Bathroom Pods: 102

Belmadar, a local construction firm, is working closely with Interpod and their client, ICC (Illawarra Catholic Club), to streamline construction whilst meeting Travelodge’s design requirements and quality expectations.

The pods are currently being manufactured at a rate of 5 per day and will be placed into storage, ready for delivery later this year.

This buffer stock provides Belmadar with confidence, despite today’s current volatile supply chain situation, that they will not suffer any delays to their bathroom or bathroom products.

Each bathroom pod features floor tiles and our exclusive Astron Designer Panel wall paneling product, a stylish, durable and easy-to-clean solution.

ICC understands that Interpod’s high-quality FF&E selection, coupled with extended warranty periods, will reduce their ongoing maintenance costs.

The 102 Bathroom Pods will be manufactured at a rate of 5 per day, ready for installation in accordance with Belmadar’s building schedule towards the end of this year.


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