Iglu South Yarra

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Interpod successfully delivered 443 purpose-built student accommodation bathroom pods to South Yarra, following the successful collaboration with IGLU and Icon Co, the project appointed builders.

Project Completion Date: February 2020 Total Bathroom Pods: 443

How the project design played out:

Whilst Interpod, IGLU and Icon Co have since enhanced the functionality of their pod designs in more recent projects, this project design followed a strict scope by IGLU in response to student preferences.

The critique on tiles and grout line consistency with basins & cabinets posed significant challenges, that were rectified with the strict factory-managed quality control Interpod could offer.

80% of the Bathroom Pods in the project were completed ahead of schedule, and held in a local storage facility, ready for Icon Co to access. All Bathroom Pods were fully delivered to the site in early February.

Innovative measures, designed by IGLU:

In conjuction with IGLU, Interpod also responded to the request for a space-efficient design by developing a new, innovative quick-release shower door system to open inwards, creating more space within the bathroom footprint.

Hindsight maximises future support:

To streamline the project further, Interpod reflects that service coordination could have been improved on the overall scope, had Interpod been involved earlier in the process.

The developer and builder on this project are both now aware that the full performance values are to be had when Interpod is engaged throughout the entire design to delivery phase.

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