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Situated in Journal Student Living’s new student accommodation precinct on Leicester Street in Carlton in inner Melbourne, Uni Place offers compelling evidence that Interpod is Australia’s innovative leader in prefabricated modular bathrooms for large residential projects.

Project Completion Date: February , 2019 Total Bathroom Pods:

A cutting edge, modern interpretation of what tertiary student accommodation can be in the 21st Century, Uni Place boasts more than 700 bedrooms across 16 residential floors. The sophisticated, multi-purpose facility will be operational for semester one 2019 and will host students from, amongst others, the University of Melbourne, RMIT and Monash College.


Developer Citiplan Property contracted Melbourne-based construction company Icon to build Uni Place, with Icon engaging Interpod to produce, deliver and install the 782 required bathrooms (featuring four different designs in total) for the project. Due to the stylish, upmarket nature of the Uni Place project, Icon and its architect partner (Metier3) challenged Interpod to deliver 760 prefabricated modular bathrooms featuring a curved wall.


Curved walls had never been attempted in prefabricated modular bathrooms in Australia, and delivering this aspect of the design required Interpod’s engineers and R&D department to think outside the box. The challenge was to create a uniquely curved wall that presented as a modern, stylised design feature while maintaining its structural integrity.


To deliver the curved wall, Interpod utilized Astron Designer Panel, a building product exclusively available through Interpod. An elegant, decorative product boasting both inherent strength and durability, Astron Designer Panel also boasts the ability to be shaped using custom-built metal bending machinery. Astron Designer Panel also offers an aesthetically appealing edge as it eliminates the need for tiles and grout while being impervious to water and requiring minimal maintenance. The client was very pleased with the white ripple finish they had chosen to be a feature of the curved wall panel.


Interpod’s modular bathrooms were built ahead of schedule – at a rate of eight bathrooms a day at the height of production – and were delivered to the site as the site was ready to receive them for installation. The $90 million project was completed in 15 months and handed over in November 2018.


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