Moorebank Units Relocation

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The Moorebank Units Relocation (MUR) project is an $800 million demobilisation and relocation project that moved 13 Department of Defence units and four allied facilities from their Moorebank location to the Holsworthy Barracks.

Project Completion Date: September 2014 Total Bathroom Pods: 176

As the largest single Australian Defence capital works project since the Second World War, the program involved the simultaneous planning and delivery of the relocation while preparing other upgrades at the new site. The scale of the project meant that speed, ease and quality of construction were particularly important considerations.

Laing O’Rourke, an international engineering enterprise recognised for their use of offsite and modular innovations, won the tender for the project because their submission highlighted the use of innovative construction techniques that would simplify and improve what could have been a very complex building program.

One of highlights of their proposal was the use of Interpod modular bathrooms, which were specified because they could be pre-manufactured and delivered to be installed easily onsite.

Many varieties of bathrooms were needed for this large-scale project involving 2,000 contractors working onsite. Each bathroom had to be designed to Commonwealth Government and Military specifications, such as the inclusion of hand dryers and subfloor plumbing.

176 bathrooms encompassing 15 different types, from large communal bathrooms to accessible (disabled) toilets and individual suites, were provided by Interpod. Interpod was also able to offer multiple installation and lifting solutions for various buildings being constructed onsite.

The modular bathrooms were delivered faster and more cost-effectively than if traditional bathroom construction was undertaken, while meeting the requirements the original tender had set out. Specifying Interpod bathrooms, which are delivered onsite and easily installed, also meant added security for the base as the number of non-military personnel with access was greatly reduced.

Note: Images are renders of the Defence base only.