Urbanest Berkeley Street

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Urbanest’s long standing engagement with Interpod gives this 135-bed Berkeley Street Student Accommodation project in Melbourne, a healthy tick of approval for its streamlined build time and ease of manufacture.

Project Completion Date: June 2018 Total Bathroom Pods: 134

Project Managers at Interpod report their involvement on this project with Urbanest and Icon Co, as one of the most streamlined Pod projects of all time.

A unified party makes Pods a piece of cake:

Historically, Urbanest utilises their exclusive Bathroom Pod design across all projects, however Berkeley Street project is a single exception.
Urbanest opted for a series of new material finishes and slight layout changes to accommodate the requirements for the overall building.

Interpod’s prior involvement with Urbanest and knowledge on their codes of practice, ensured the new Bathroom Pod design adjustments were implemented quickly with Interpod’s in-house Design & Engineering team.

Icon Co was appointed as the principal builder on this project. Icon Co, also having worked with with Interpod on multiple other projects, meant all parties were aligned to the value-added benefits Bathroom Pods would bring before, during and after the project completion.

Install-ready ahead of schedule:

All bathroom pods were stored in a facility minutes from site, ready for Icon Co team to install the Bathrooms in accordance with their build schedule.

Since bathroom pods are unaffected by weather and onsite delays, both Icon Co and Urbanest achieved maximum certainty that Bathroom Pods would assist in finished their project on schedule.

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